Client Profile

Below is a link to a PDF table with examples of my typical clients. There is also information regarding focus areas and my recommended time commitment associated with each level of care. It is important to recognize that this table is a general overview of my clients. Each situation is different, and though behavioral issues are listed as focus areas for level 2 and 3 clients, it does not mean I will not address them with a level 1 client. 

Pricing and Payment Info


Below is a pdf with pricing information. There are three options: 1) Pay week to week. 2) Pay in advance for 6-Sessions. 3) Pay in advance for 12-Sessions.​

As you can see, the price per session goes down if you pay in advance for a 6 or 12 session package. In my experience, those who commit to 6 or 12 sessions are more likely to see results and lasting changes. I understand the investment involved with these packages, which is why I offer a week to week option. However, please consider that an investment in your son now, can save you extraordinary amounts of time, energy, and money in the future. 


Please don’t let pricing keep you from reaching out to me. I am always open to hear about your needs and to work toward a solution. If we are unable to reach an agreement, I can help refer you to services that are a better fit. 

Youth Mentor SLC.

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