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Christian has an impressive way of working with youth. His energetic passion and creative engagement reveal skill sets that often times the kids weren’t aware they possessed or didn’t know how to harness. Christian is able to help those youth learn to apply and focus those skills.


- Andrew Jylkka, Expedition Coordinator at SEARHC Alaska Crossings

If you have a struggling adolescent in need of mentorship I would highly recommend using Christian to help your son get back on track. Christian has a passion for youth development and a unique model to guide youth to become the best version of themselves. Christian brings excitement and passion to his work and I have seen the youth he works with begin to find their internal strengths through his guidance. Christian has extensive professional and personal work experience and he has shown a keen understanding of adolescents and their behaviors. He does a great job at assisting young men to build realistic and tangible goals to help transform their areas of growth into new strengths

- Will Hanson

The Role of the Parents

A unified front is extremely important. When parents/guardians are on the same page there is increased accountability and buy-in to the mentorship process. I keep parents involved with their son's progress by having post-session check-ins via email or phone, and monthly reviews done face to face. 

Meeting Your Son

I meet your son where he is both physically and figuratively. Physically, I will meet with you and your son in your home to conduct sessions. Figuratively, it is important to realize that change takes time. Parents may want to see immediate results, but that is often not realistic.  It is important to understand that real, lasting change requires patience.  



Great if your son is consistently self-motivated and able to hold himself accountable. These sessions are designed to focus on long-term goals, and will provide your son with opportunities for feedback and an objective perspective on goals that are already in progress. 


(every other week)

Great if your son has inherent motivation and accountability. These sessions are designed for those who have an idea of where they want to improve and need a boost to get there. 



Great if your son needs consistent direction and feedback. If you are hoping to develop social skills and communication skills, frequent sessions are recommended. Weekly mentor sessions provide an opportunity for consistent growth and reflection. 


Motivation is hard. If you don’t know what you are invested in, or working for, being self-motivated is even harder. I work with my clients to create goals that they want to achieve. Once goals are identified, we work to create the self-motivation that will set a young man up for success


Many of our issues are due to ineffective communication. I focus on teaching and using assertive communication with my clients. That means calm, direct, and respectful. Effective communication allows young men to advocate for their needs, hold others accountable appropriately, and express themselves fully.


Adolescence is a time of confusion. How many of us went with the crowd, following along, unsure of what we were doing or who we were? I help my clients solidify their intent statements so their purpose is clear. Intentional living applies to all aspects of life - school work, friendships, employment, etc. Living intentionally means living with a purpose.


When you help others you help yourself. Often times young men are turned so far inward that they miss those around them. I teach all of my clients to find and embrace opportunities to help others. It is amazing to see the doors that open when you put others before yourself.

My Mentorship Process

Mentorship is a collaborative process between me, parents and, mentees. My role is to provide guidance and unconditional support, and the process is more effective when we all work together.


Every situation is different, so specific interventions and guidance will vary. However, I approach the process similarly with all my mentees.


- First, we identify "wants." What do you want from this relationship? What does your son want? What does your ideal situation look like?


-  Second, we assess doing and direction. What are you doing to work toward that ideal? What is your son doing? We work to align direction with wants.


- Third, we evaluate. Self-evaluation is critical. We take an honest inventory of where your son is at. What is going well? What areas can be improved? I help develop the skills that allow for fair and accurate evaluation.


- Fourth, we make a plan, setting goals that are SMARTC: Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, and Consistent. This formula provides structure for growth and creates a framework to operate within.

These are a few of the most common things I help with:

  • Social skills

  • Communication skills

  • Coping skills

  • Mental and emotional resilience

  • Physical activity guidance

  • Gaining confidence

  • Being authentic

  • Schoolwork assistance/guidance

  • Healthy thought patterns - untwist your thinking and become aware of thought distortions

  • Assertiveness training

Pricing and Payment Info

Below is a pdf with pricing information. There are three options: 1) Pay week to week. 2) Pay in advance for 6-Sessions. 3) Pay in advance for 12-Sessions.​

As you can see, the price per session goes down if you pay in advance for a 6 or 12 session package. In my experience, those who commit to 6 or 12 sessions are more likely to see results and lasting changes. I understand the investment involved with these packages, which is why I offer a week to week option. However, please consider that an investment in your son now, can save you extraordinary amounts of time, energy, and money in the future. 


Please don’t let pricing keep you from reaching out to me. I am always open to hear about your needs and to work toward a solution. If we are unable to reach an agreement, I can help refer you to services that are a better fit.