My name is Christian Snuffer, and I am a Youth Mentor in the Salt Lake Valley area. I was born and raised in Sandy, Utah, and I will forever be grateful to call the Wasatch Front my home. I have been all over the country, pursuing my passion for behavioral health, and I am excited to offer these passions in the form of mentorship. I am a very outdoorsy person; I love hiking, climbing, biking, exercising, and just moving my body in general. I am working my way through graduate school and biding time until I can open my own private practice as a mental health counselor. But that is still a year or two out, so right now, I am focusing on mentoring young men who need the support.

I choose to focus on working with adolescent boys because that is where my strengths of connection and patience lie. I can be very helpful in a focused and limited time. And I think adolescents are pretty cool and interesting these days.


  • BA - Psychology from the University of Utah

  • MA - Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Prescott College (In Progress) 

  • Wilderness First Responder - Wilderness Medicine of Utah

  • 40-Hour Crisis Response Training - Rape Recovery Center

  • Crisis Prevention Institute Certified


  • I have 6 years and over 10,000 hours of behavioral health experience

  • I have worked for wilderness therapy programs in Hawaii & Alaska

  • I have worked for a residential treatment program in Utah

  • I am studying behavioral health, and I continue to fine-tune my experiential knowledge with book learning

Areas of Focus:

Some of the topics I have recently addressed with clients include:

  • Struggles with the recent school closures and managing online school

  • Recent transitions from therapeutic programs

  • Additional need for more structure and routine

  • Struggle to set and maintain goals

  • Guidance from someone other than immediate caregivers.

  • Guiding the process of gaining employment

  • Navigating healthy relationships with friends and family

  • Instilling discipline, focus, and motivation

  • Role modeling appropriate masculinity

  • Developing social and communication skills

  • Developing self-confidence

  • Providing honest feedback for areas of improvement 

Other Relevant Info

  • I grew up LDS, and I am very familiar with the values, beliefs, and practices. If there is a religious dynamic affecting the relationship with your son, I am confident I can address it.

  • I am one of 9 kids. I have 2 older brothers, 2 older sisters, & 4 younger sisters! I have seen and experienced every family dynamic possible. I know what it's like to be a younger brother, an older brother, a middle child, an uncle, and a son. If your son needs to navigate any of these roles, I am confident I can help.

  • I have planned and led countless outdoor expeditions: climbing, hiking, biking, camping, etc. If you want to facilitate an experience like this for your son, I can make it happen.

  • While I love being outside, I also like to cuddle up and read. I am a huge fantasy nerd, I watch anime, and I often dream of being a wizard!